IRS Audit


When the IRS decides to audit a taxpayer it can be and most often is very stressful, very intimidating, and very overwhelming if the taxpayer does not know the IRS Code and the actual procedures used when they audit one or more tax returns.

There are several types of audits performed by the IRS.  Some audits are done strictly by mail where you are required to forward information directly to the IRS.  Other IRS audits require that you meet with the IRS face to face to talk about specific matters regarding things you stated on your business or tax return.

Over the years Advance Tax Services has assisted many of our clients deal with the IRS tax audit procedure involving multiple sets of circumstances from personal to business to corporate.   For instance you might be audited but are not set up with the documents the IRS is requiring like an income statement.  Our business includes bookkeeping and accounting services which means we can help you rebuild your business books and prepare an income statement that optimistically will assist the IRS auditor through your audit.  There might an argument regarding an income classification assessment or a disallowed expense by the IRS.  Often times we can help you make the case or argument for you during such a situation during your IRS audit.


Audits by the IRS can be conducted going back through three years or more depending on specific conditions.  Taxes assessed including penalties and interest due can be owed at the end of an IRS audit.  Because you could owe substantially more money no IRS should ever be taken with an fair-thee-well perspective.  If you are being audited or have received notice of a pending IRS audit you should definitely seek the advice of a tax professional.  Even if you plan on representing yourself in the audit you should without a doubt spend the money and make the investment and get expert council or advice from a tax attorney, tax accountant, or a professional  IRS enrolled agent before you meet with the IRS.

Please take the time to reach us if you are concerned about an IRS audit. We can help you make an smart decision on what moves to make and also we can tell you based on what you tell us and show us what the most possible conclusion will be from your IRS audit.

If you need help with an IRS Tax Audit call us at Advance Tax Services.  Our phone number is 505-988-9527