Tax Preparation & Planning

Helping you file accurate, on-time tax documents is our bread and butter. Whether or not we manage your accounts, we are eager to help untangle the complex and ever-changing rules that govern your individual, business, and corporate tax liability.

We are especially proud of our ability to identify the best deductions and reduce tax liability for our clients. Both Linda and Alan are Enrolled Agents (EAs) with the IRS, a status which requires on-going training and the highest level of familiarity with tax code. When you enlist an EA, you’re working with, not around, the IRS, to make the most efficient, profitable financial choices.


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Careful, consistent attention to your receipts, withholding, and federal and state reporting form the core of any successful business, but that work isn’t why you went into business. Advance Tax Services will help you manage the back side of your operation so you can give your best to your clients.

We pursue payroll and bookkeeping certifications for all members of our team, so you can be sure you’re getting professional, ethical support. Linda and Alan are also accredited business accountants (ABAs), educated to prepare financial reports and advise a business about financial controls and opportunities.


IRS Resolutions

If you find yourself out of compliance with the IRS, facing back taxes, a tax lien or levy, you want an Enrolled Agent (EA), certified to represent you before the IRS.

It turns out that there are many ways to resolve your tax issues, but, like the tax code, opportunities and responsibilities can be complex. As EAs with years of experience, Linda and Alan will be tenacious, resourceful guides on your road back to financial health.



You have an intuition about the business you’d like to build, or the life you’d like to enjoy after your career is done, but you want to consider your options with the guidance of experienced, knowledgable professionals. Choosing Advance Tax Services connects you to a team that’s aware of the tools and trajectories provided for in the tax laws and regulations.

By choosing a local, in-the-flesh tax expert, you get more than a product or a program, you can expect advice relevant to your situation and a partner invested in your understanding and success.