IRS Collections

IRS Wage Garnishments | IRS Audits | IRS Tax Liens | IRS Bank Levies

We work directly with the IRS on a regular basis regarding IRS audits, IRS tax liens, IRS wage garnishments and IRS Bank account levies.  If the IRS is levying your bank account (seizing the funds in the account) or the IRS is garnishing your wages financially it does not really get any worse than that.  If you do not have funds to run your business or live from day to day including paying your regular bills, your mortgage or your car payment the downside for you financially or even living day to day would be very, very bad.

Potential Solutions to IRS Collections

Offer in Compromise | Payment Plan | Uncollectable Status   In many instances,
depending on your financial status and depending on compliance with federal tax laws, there is a distinct possibility to work out an installment agreement (payment plan) with the IRS, work out an OIC (Offer in Compromise) with the IRS, and other solutions such as your case being assessed as uncollectable.  If you’re receiving automated collection letters or automated collection calls, or you been directly contacted by an IRS Revenue Officer, we know how to deal with the IRS.

What to do Next

We can help determine what your next step is and give you the help you need if you’re facing IRS Collections.  Please take one of the following steps:

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