IRS Wage Garnishment


Can you imagine, if you will, going on-line to see your direct deposit paycheck and discovering that almost the entire check has been garnished by the IRS?  Paychecks get garnished by the IRS all the time.  If there is much left over in your check it will not be enough to buy gas, buy food, or pay your rent.  The hard reality is the tiny paycheck you are looking at will stay tiny until you pay the IRS 100 percent of what you owe in back taxes.  Your employer is required to take whatever is mandated by law percentage wise when they receive a wage garnishment order from the IRS.

We can help you deal with your IRS wage garnishment.  We will help negotiate an IRS wage garnishment release by virtue of an agreed to payment plan.  We can assure you that any installment plan we negotiate for you will definitely more to your liking than the IRS wage garnishment on our check at present.   Going from an IRS wage garnishment will for the most part strip away the fear you are having and minimize your stress plus you’ll have a manageable payment plan in place that even though tough to do, you will be able to afford it.

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