Tax Levy


If the IRS levies your wages, social security, disability or your bank account you are talking about flat out hardship.  Ordinarily the IRS will employ a levy against a person or business when the IRS has made a request for taxes to be paid or a tax payment plan has been put into place and the person or business has blown off the request or they have not kept to the payment plan that they have agreed to with the IRS. The IRS may be willing to work with someone, person or business, that has been levied, but they will have to work out a plan with the IRS.

If your bank account or paycheck is levied a payment plan or even being able to make a living or pay your normal bills will be close to impossible.  The best and smartest move you can make is to work directly with the IRS from the very beginning if taxes are due and owing with the help a tax professional.  That way you can set up a reasonable payment plan that can be managed.  If you blow off the IRS you have got to know that that is the most common reason for an IRS levy.

What you Can Do about an IRS LEVY

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