Tax Liens


If you have a tax lien filed against you the lien can affect your life negatively in so many different ways.  The lien filed can and does institute a claim against all your assets including real estate, personal property and other assets when your taxes are unpaid.  Both the IRS and the State of New Mexico can legally sell your assets to collect the unpaid taxes you owe.

It is a hard cold fact that an IRS tax lien can be filed against your company, against you and against your spouse.  What this means is that the IRS can take any asset that you, your spouse or your company owns with the proverbial flick a switch.

When you have a tax lien it most definitely will come up on your credit report. This means you will not be able to open a checking account, or have a debit check card, or be able to get a loan of any type.  Your IRS tax lien has priority over anything and everything you do financially. A tax lien is in 1st place like a mortgage until you do something about it to get it released.

What You Should do about Your IRS TAX LIEN 

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