Unfiled Tax Returns and Back Taxes

Unfiled Federal or State Tax Returns

Without question whether you are being audited by the IRS or you are getting collection notices from the IRS you will are required to file old or late tax returns. It is not negotiable.  If you have any unfiled returns the IRS will not talk to you about an installment payment plan or an Offer in Compromise.  If you owe late taxes it is a problem, but if you didn’t even file your tax return it is an even bigger problem.

Here at Advance Tax Services we have every necessary tax software program for every old tax year.  On any given year quite often we file as many old or late filed tax returns that we file for the current tax year.  Preparing tax returns for prior years is an on-going endeavor for us.  Whatever you do make sure you get off the fence and file those returns. We are here to help so do not feel bad.  Do not sweat it at all, because we are comfortable with it and so should you.

If you think you owe a ton of money from several late filed tax returns you are also aware that there are several severe civil and criminal issues you may be facing for not filing your Federal or State tax returns.  For your own peace of mind contact us and get the ball rolling forward in your favor.

Do Not Wait – Do Not Hesitate – Take Action on Those Unfiled Tax Returns Today!

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